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Jul 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
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Jul 21, 2012 7:00am EDT
flights. i appreciate your chance to visit with us. i do appreciate all the testimony that was given here today. thank you very much. and this committee will stand adjourned. [inaudible conversations] >> this weekend on booktv from new york city the harlem book fair. live coverage starts today at 12:30 eastern with a panel discussion on the future of african-american publishing. that's followed at 2 with a look at public education. at 3:30, cornel west sits in on a panel examining the next election. and sunday at 2 p.m. eastern the eagle forum collegiate leadership summit with authors. the harlem book fair and the eagle forum collegians leadership summit this weekend on c-span2. >> cleveland clinic's president and ceo discussed upcoming changes in health care policy at the national press club. he said the health care law makes great strides in providing access but does not do enough to control costs. he also noted that the law does not have enough incentives to encourage people to take care of themselves. from washington, d.c., this is an hour. [applause] >> today's speaker heads up one o
Jul 28, 2012 7:00am EDT
the gap in half or going to 2020 or some other similarly ambitious setting of goals and use those goals to drive their continuous improvement in all their title 1 schools, use them to target intervention in a way that is meaningful. providing this face, taking some of this pressure from no child left behind one size fits all mandate. in many states you find 90% of schools not making a wide p - y --a --ayp. all your schools are labeled as failures. as that space did create innovation in the eye of the beholder. kentucky put forward a comprehensive and thoughtful accountability framework. in addition to looking at achievement and the growth and graduation rates, they are setting up an inspector model for k-3 so they will be looking at k-3 and arts and language and building teachers effectiveness and their accountability framework. it is focused on using performance data to drive their intervention and support, and growth and achievement but they are looking at remediation rates and college going rates and timing of those back to their school. south carolina is adding a category not witho
Jul 7, 2012 6:00am EDT
-- another fiction. right. can you give us a topic, anything about it? >> guest: no, it'still kind of mushy in that way yon'enea ki yo tliinen ok. >> host: um, do you when you are writina booo y ge i i gnghrou ann d ce thho yea t characters develop? >> guest: actually, you learn e plot as the characters develop. freaemesly happens a heit iowi s st, di ds it's the middle that's the problem. and it's not so much keeping that dramatic string taut isasu ie b- h toyoowet f ll km u mapquest that there are three or four different routes. with a novel there areeven more than that. so it's, it's those coice u a t thou wenthek, aheu k, aows en >> host: this e-mail from bay yard pigeon in oregon, i had great hopes that the success of the mi menou keiend eci t inorn emlu sitiou t w eon twa gentler for men as well as for women. this, in my opinion, did not happen. instead, women seem to have been of sarkhiannthe same md me nsntstem f ly oid . your thoughts? guest: where's that fr? >> host: klamath falls, on. >> gst a aoto vefe theau th.olyhtut atil ssu of betty friedan in the mid '60s writing "the fe
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
cautious when we use personnel cuts alone as a reurmelprlem. i am paul for revamping our tsa operates to make alternate changes such as investing more science and technology and more risk-basedecurity which inatanteens to invest more sharing. model and reduce the number of personnel screeners without having improved intelligence. >> tt is what mr. bloom offered in his opening statement earlier. heants toee less empsis on llcehe w i agree with. what i want to emphasize is with that number is hard for us as policymakers to make the case for spending mey becau people think ware stinwhat agi o tacs o environment we are not getting any more money than the department of homeland security. thdepartment of homeland security and the department of defense because of the dangerous world we live in won't be as afctedy a oer rts beaue hao be safe and secure. but the numbers going up are over. we have to find a way to take the number we have gowhich wa roughl5 biion d reflest. its effective. what i contend is we can't justify the number when people go to the airport with their terrible perspecti
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5